Tom's Trust has supported

WAVE (Worldwide Alternatives to ViolencE) Trust

WAVE's influential and important report 'The WAVE Report 2005: Violence and what to do about it' (found at the above link) argues that violence is preventable and offers some specific solutions designed to develop empathy and attachment for parents and children.

Tom's Trust has worked with WAVE to communicate this message to adolescents and young adults (aged 15 to 23). This target group is identified both because of their role as current or future parents, and also as people entering professions where an understanding of the root causes of violent behaviour, and the most effective ways of addressing these, will help to develop a less violent society.

This educational project is intended to make a significant and long term difference to levels of violence in Britain. It intends to (i) create an understanding of the key principles of preventing propensity to violence in children (e.g. attunement, fostering empathy, parental discipline methods) in current and future parents, (ii) prepare future doctors, teachers, social workers, police, nurses, media employees and policy makers with a grounded understanding of how to create a significantly less violent society and (iii) enrol suitable people in helping to disseminate understanding and create a widespread commitment to a less violent society.